Using Groups

Using groups to manage Hosts is one of iHosts's key features. Normal Hosts management tool replace the entire Hosts file. But iHosts could only update part of them. Group is the key part to implement it.

What's the benefit to manage Hosts using groups?

  • Put unrelated Hosts nodes in different groups. This could make the nodes more clear.
  • Put related Hosts node in one group. This could enable the feature of 'Could only activate one item in a hosts group'.

For example, if you need to develop both 'Product A' and 'Product B'. Each product has different 'Devlopemnt', 'Test' and 'Online' envirements. It's very suitable to use groups. You can create two groups of 'Product A' and 'Product B', put related Hosts record to its Hosts node and put thest nodes to related groups.