Edit Hosts

To manage Hosts, start from edting Hosts.

Click iHosts's icon in system menu bar. Then select 'Edit Hosts' or directly press the shortcut of 'Command + E', you can open the 'Edit Hosts' window.

In 'Edit Hosts' window, you could

  • Edit Hosts like editing normal plain text file.
  • Add or remove hosts or hosts group. Operating Hosts node include editing, moving up, moving down, etc.
  • Just like the native Mac OS X, you can click 'Apply' or 'Revert' to save or revert editing.

Tips to edit Hosts:

  • Comments start with '#'.
  • For each Hosts record, IP address is in the beginning, followed by domain. You can use any space or tab to separate them. Suggest using tab, as if so the domain could keep align left.